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Cardboard Champions writes reviews for tabletop games, card games and other board games to help you make an educated choice, and fine your new favourite game. We want you to find the right tabletop game for your family and kids.

Should You Buy Betrayal at House on the Hill?

As Halloween approaches, Betrayal at House of the Hill is a great party game/gift for 3-6 players, with replayability. But is it worth the £44.99 price? Let's find out.

Should You Buy Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest?

Libertalia is a directly-competitive pirate-themed game of bluffing, outwitting, and plundering. We love this game, from its quick and elegant multiplayer gameplay, to its excellent automata solo-mode, and it's a great addition to any competitive game-lover's library.

Should You Buy Ark Nova?

Ark Nova is a zoo-themed tile placement game with some light worker-placement mechanics. Fans of the zoo theme will enjoy the balancing act of conservation vs. tourism that is at the core of the game.

Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Review and Aspect Pairings – Marvel Champions

Spider-Man (Miles Morales) from Sinister Motives is a top pick with solid stats and stun/confuse abilities. One of our favorites!

Ghost-Spider (Gwen Stacy) Review and Aspect Pairings – Marvel Champions

In this article we cover Ghost-Spider's strength and weaknesses from the new expansion Sinister Motives for Marvel Champions.

The Case of Little Gomersal – Review

Hidden Games: The Case of Little Gomersal is a murder case that lets you get in the shoes of a detective. It is not only a very fun 2 hours activity but also a wonderful gift for your true crime lovers.

Descent: Legends of the Dark – Review

Descent: Legends of the Dark is a cooperative app-driven RPG game by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG). The players take control of heroes in order to save the world of Terrinoth, questing their way through story-driven missions, guided by an innovative app.

Chronicles of Crime – Review

Chronicles of Crime is a great cooperative detective game that implements modern technology in order to enhance the user experience.

Venom Hero Review and Aspect Pairings – Marvel Champions

In this article we’ll take a look at what Venom’s good at, what he’s bad at, and quickly show you our current favourite deck for 2-player expert difficulty.

The Initiative – Review

The Initiative is a one-time play cooperative puzzle game, with a story, mystery and gorgeous art. We were very reluctant to get it but in the end, we had zero regrets. Read more in this 100% spoiler free review.

Drax Hero Review and Aspect Pairings – Marvel Champions

With a wild, aggressive playstyle that rewards risk-taking and vengeance-seeking, Drax is a powerhouse that should not be underestimated. In this article we'll take a very quick look at what makes him tick, how he works, and the deck we've quickly built to play him in 2-player expert difficulty.

X-Men: Mutant Insurrection – Review

For die-hard X-Men fans, families who want to play with their superhero-obsessed kids, and people who loved Elder Sign but found it way too challenging, X-Men: Mutant Insurrection is definitely still worth giving a go.