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Crime & WineCrime & Wine is a collection of tabletop games for your detective nights. Games in this collection are good for at least two players, they have crime theme, and you need to solve a mystery. If you pick up a game and play it out with your group, do tag us on Instagram or Twitter, and feel free message us with recommendations.

It might be “crime” and “wine”, but you don’t need to drink wine while playing these games. You can replace it with any other drink, alcoholic or not. The only requirement for this category is that the game have mystery to solve, and the drinks are served in wine glasses.

Crime & Wine Tabletop Games Recommendations

The Detective Society – Review

The Detective Society's intriguing stories and well-crafted combination of tech and sleuthing left us wanting more. We can't wait for the next box to arrive!

Should You Buy Mysterium Park?

Mysterium Park is a spooky cooperative game of deduction, where psychics solve murders with the help of a ghost. Beautifully illustrated cards included!

The Case of Little Gomersal – Review

Hidden Games: The Case of Little Gomersal is a murder case that lets you get in the shoes of a detective. It is not only a very fun 2 hours activity but also a wonderful gift for your true crime lovers.

Chronicles of Crime – Review

Chronicles of Crime is a great cooperative detective game that implements modern technology in order to enhance the user experience.

The Initiative – Review

The Initiative is a one-time play cooperative puzzle game, with a story, mystery and gorgeous art. We were very reluctant to get it but in the end, we had zero regrets. Read more in this 100% spoiler free review.