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Thank you for showing interest in supporting us. Your support is invaluable to us! if you are interested on how to help us, here are some free things you can do!

Share your favourite articles and reviews

If you have found any of our article or reviews interesting, or think they could help your friends or someone on Reddit, then please share them! This way not only do people get to know us, but also we can help more people! At the end of the day, the goal of our articles and reviews is to help everyone – whether to defeat the enemy, to make an informed purchase, or just to find new games for your family and friends. We care about the games we play, and we started this site because we care. So please – help us to grow!

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Using our affiliate links

Our affiliate links are marked with an asterisk symbol (*). If you click on any of our affiliate links and you make a purchase, we get a small cut from the company. It’ll costs you nothing, and the price will not be higher to make-up for our commission. Clicking on the links doesn’t mean you must make a purchase, or commit to anything, so don’t be scared to check the price and product, compare prices, and make an informed decision.

Use our Zatu affiliate links

Almost all our links that point you to where to buy the board game or accessory are affiliated links with Zatu. You don’t have to buy anything, of course, but if you happen to do so we get a small commission out of it. Check out Zatu’s store* if you want to pick up some bargains and support us!

Zatu Affiliate Link

We always encourage people to support their local game stores, but we understand that not everyone is lucky to have one nearby. So if you need to shop online we tried to find an online store that not only offers worldwide delivery, but also has a big range of board games and accessories.

Zatu are also technically just a… really big local game store, based in Norwich, UK. So they’re a good fit for us, and let’s face it – it’s better than Amazon. The good deals they offer on games and accessories don’t hurt either!

Note! We are not Zatu. We are only affiliated with them through their affiliate program. We cannot help you with your orders, information on stock, etc. For that you have to contact them.

Use our Etsy affiliate links

From our research, we found a lot of custom accessory are on Etsy shops, and while we might not be the biggest Etsy fans, we are very big fans of other peoples’ hard work. We have found a few very useful accessories such as trays, deck boxes, custom tokens, that just makes your setup easier. If you use any of our Etsy links to buy their products, you will help both us and the creators! Thank you!

Etsy Affiliate Link

Note! We are not Etsy. We are only affiliated with them through their affiliate program. We cannot help you with your orders, information on stock, etc. For that you have to contact them.

We’re looking for new affiliates all the time, but we’re also very picky. We want to support local businesses, distributors, shops, and creators (yes, that is why we got rid of our amazon links and they are never coming back!). We’re trying to get US based online stores for board games, so if you know any you like, or you have one, let us know.

A few nice words

We now have comments on our site, because we’d still love to hear from you! If you find a mistake, have a question, or simply want to share how the article helped you, don’t be shy to drop a comment (your email won’t be visible to anyone on the website). You can also do the same on any of our social platforms. We love being part of the community, and you are big part of that community! We read and try to reply to all of the comments we’re sent, and it helps our posts attract attention.


If you like to help us with our hosting bill, or want to buy us a hot drink you can visit our Ko-fi page. If you want your donation to go towards a coffee for Ina or tea for Matt, let us know in the message and we will honour that wish. You can also find all of our downloadable resources there. They are all free, but you can pay what you want, or simply donate afterwards.

At the end of the day, running the site isn’t free, and we’re paying for this entirely out of love, not because we think we’ll make any money back. But not having to pay that out of our own pockets would be deeply appreciated! Not least by our cat Turtle, as he assumes that any leftover money at the end of the month will be spent on treats. He’s not wrong.

Whatever way you choose to support us is very appreciated! And again, thank you for taking the time to read this! We are grateful for you, who got to the end of this page!