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Board Games: Should You Buy?

Board games are expensive investment, and we, at Cardboard Champions want you to buy the right game for you and your family. We write short overview reviews on board games, tabletop games, and card game. We highlight their key mechanics and gameplay, replayability, and give you similar games recommendations so you can find out if you will enjoy the game.

Should you buy Divinity: Original Sin – The Board Game? – Review

Divinity: Original Sin is a campaign-based cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players, where you play through an epic story based on the video game.

Should you buy Paranormal Detectives? – Review

In Paranormal Detectives, one player takes the role of a ghost who is trying to help the other players to uncover the story of their own death.

Should you buy Dog Park? – Review

Dog Park is a competitive game for 1-4 players all about hugging all the best dogs and taking them for walks. They are all good dogs, and honestly that’s all that matters.

Should you buy In the Footsteps of Darwin?

Charming, competitive drafting game for 2-5 players. Step into Darwin's shoes as research assistants, aiding him in completing On the Origins of Species.

Should you buy Lords of Waterdeep?

Lords of Waterdeep is another Monopoly alternative, and one of the best award-winning worker-placement games out there.

Should You Buy Mysterium Park?

Mysterium Park is a spooky cooperative game of deduction, where psychics solve murders with the help of a ghost. Beautifully illustrated cards included!

Should You Buy One Deck Dungeon?

One Deck Dungeon is a lightweight coop, dungeon-crawling, dice-rolling game for 1-2 players that lets you get all the fun of RPGs without the hours of setup.

Should You Buy Frostpunk: The Board Game?

Frostpunk: The Board Game is a game about tough moral choices, exploration, and freezing to death. But should you buy it? Let's take a look.

Should You Buy Flamecraft? – Review

How does the phrase “bread dragon” make you feel? If it’s glee, then Flamecraft is the board game for you! You are done here. Buy it. Is that not enough to convince you? Well, then read on!

Should You Buy Betrayal at House on the Hill?

As Halloween approaches, Betrayal at House of the Hill is a great party game/gift for 3-6 players, with replayability. But is it worth the £44.99 price? Let's find out.

Should You Buy Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest?

Libertalia is a directly-competitive pirate-themed game of bluffing, outwitting, and plundering. We love this game, from its quick and elegant multiplayer gameplay, to its excellent automata solo-mode, and it's a great addition to any competitive game-lover's library.

Should You Buy Ark Nova?

Ark Nova is a zoo-themed tile placement game with some light worker-placement mechanics. Fans of the zoo theme will enjoy the balancing act of conservation vs. tourism that is at the core of the game.