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Cable Hero – NeXt Evolution Expansion

Cable can seem different and hard to comprehend as he tends to ignore a lot of the basic rules. We have compiled information that we found useful or saw people asking about. Hope if it helps!

Cable's Hero Side

Q. Which form does Bodyslide refers to?

A. First you change your form (from alter-ego to hero, or from hero to alter-ego). Then any player may change to the new form you took (alter ego or hero). Cards that have multiple versions of their hero/alter-ego form, they can chose which version if it matches the form that Cable switched to. For example, Ant Man, Wasp and Archangel.

For example:

  • If Cable is in Hero form, and plays Bodyslide, he will change to his alter-ego form. Any other player may then choose to change to their alter-ego form.
  • If Cable is in Alter-Ego form, and plays Bodyslide, he will change to his hero form. Any other player may then choose to change to their hero form. If the character has multiple hero forms, they may choose which form they switch to.

Q. Does Bodyslide form-change counts towards your one per turn?

A. No. Bodyslide doesn’t count towards your one form-change per turn. Same goes for any player that choses to change to that form. This means that you may use Bodyslide to change your form, use actions specific to that form, and then switch back to your original form within the same turn.

Q. What happens if Technovirus Resurgence causes Technovirus Purge to enter play when the players are at the player side scheme limit?

A. The first player chooses one player side scheme in play to discard, which could include Technovirus Purge. If Technovirus Purge is discarded, Technovirus Resurgence can’t attach to it, and Cable’s player will be dealt a facedown encounter card.

– NeXt Evolutions rulebook, page 21

Q. What happens when Cable’s player reveals Shadow of the Past against Stryfe?

A. Since Cable’s nemesis and the villain share the same name, the nemesis minion can’t enter play. You do everything the card tells you as much as you can – put the side scheme, and shuffle the other cards. After that, you will have to resolve surge, because the minion didn’t enter play.

Follow the sentence by sentence:

  1. Reveal and place the nemesis minion into play (you can’t enter because the minion and the villain share the same name)
  2. Reveal the set aside side scheme
  3. Shuffle the rest of the nemesis cards into the encounter deck
  4. Your nemesis minion didn’t enter so you surge.

– Ref. Unique Icon (Official Rulebook v1.5, p.37)

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