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Shadowcat Hero Pack

We have compiled a list of questions and rule clarifications, that may occur when playing with Shadowcard hero from Mutant Genesis. We hope this will be useful when you try to play the game.

Does Shadowcat’s Phased and Solid forms count towards your once per turn change?

Additional forms like Phased and Solid forms does not count towards the once-per-turn. That rule is only for changing between Hero and Alter-Ego. However, it does count as “changing forms” for cards like Ready to Rumble.

Does Shadowcat’s Phased and Solid forms count as changing forms?

Yes, it does count as “changing forms” for cards like Ready to Rumble.

Do I count as defending if I play a defense event?

Yes, if you have played a defense event you are considered defending. For example, once you are attacked and you are in Phased form, you can use Defiance to be considered defending so you will take no damage.

Do I have to exhaust my hero when using a defense event?

Unless the event specifies, you don’t exhaust your hero when playing defense events.

How does Shadowcat forms work with cards like Powerful Punch?

If a card is both and attack and a defense, so Shadowcat’s form triggers twice – once for the attack, and then for the defense. For example with Powerful Punch, lets say you are in Solid Form once the villain attacks you, so can play the event as an Interrupt to deal 4 damage to the enemy. As it is considered an attack you can (if you like to) flip to Phased Form, and you are considered defending. Once the damage is modified and calculated, you are forced to flip from Phased Form to Solid as it is the end of the defense.

How does Shadowcat forms work with Toe to Toe?

When you play Toe to Toe, the enemy activates against you and attacks you. Before doing anything else you decide if you defend or not (if you don’t exhaust to defend or play a defending event you don’t count as defending for Phased form). If you have defended and you were in Phased form, you flip to Solid before you deal the 5 damage. After calculating the damage and finishing the attack, you can flip to Phased form.

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