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Phoenix Hero Pack

We have compiled a list of questions and rule clarifications that we hope will be useful when you try to play the game.

Does Phoenix Force counts towards the deck size?

No. As a Permanents with no resource cost it does not count towards the deck size.

Does Phoenix Force starts in the deck?

No. Phoenix Force does not start in the deck, so it cannot be affected by other Setup rules. E.g. It cannot be discarded by Ultron as a drone.

Do I lose all counters on Phoenix Force when it flips back from Unleashed to Restrained?

No. When you place the 4 or more counters on Phoenix Force, you turn the card to it’s Restrained side and it keeps the counters.

Do you discard Consume the World after the last threat is removed from the scheme?

No. Once Consume the World is in play, it cannot be discarded like other side-schemes because it has the Permanent keyword.

Phoenix Force - Permanent

If I attach Mind Control on a minion with attachments, what happens to the attachments?

“When you attach Mind Control to a minion, any attachments on that minion remain attached. However, because that minion loses the minion card type and gains the ally card type, any abilities on those attachments that affect the attached minion no longer apply.”

From the Phoenix Insert

Can I use Psychic Manipulation with Crisis Icons or Patrol?

Psychic Manipulation is a thwart event, and as such it is considered the thwart is performed by the identity. That is why you cannot play it if you are engaged with a Patrol minion, or if there is a crisis icon.

If an attack will exceed the 5 threshold of Telekinetic Shield, does it absorb all the damage before it is removed?

Yes. If there is less then 4 damage on the shield, the shield will absorb the entire attack. Once the attack is done the card will “make a check” to see if there is at least 5 damage on it. If there is, Telekinetic Shield is removed.

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