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Keyword: Hinder

Hinder is mostly found on side schemes. When a card with the hinder keyword is revealed, it will be followed by a number. Place that many additional threat on the card.

  • Hinder will not trigger if the side scheme is not revealed, for example if something just “puts it into play”.
  • You cannot respond to the Side Scheme being revealed until after the threat is placed on it, as it is not a triggered response or interrupt.
  • You can use an interrupt like Great Responsibility to prevent the threat from being placed on the side scheme, as the threat is specifically placed after the card is revealed.
  • Somewhat inconsistently, Hinder does trigger when the side scheme is put into play during setup, and you cannot interrupt or respond to it during the setup window.
Example of Abduction Protocols side scheme with the Hinder keyword and explanation text "After the card come into play and you place the threat (2), place additional 2 times the number of players threat on it."