There are two types of enemy activations: an attack activation and a scheme activation. Whenever an enemy attacks or schemes, it is considered to have activated.

  • After placing threat on the main scheme, the villain activates once per player, in player oder.
  • If the identity of the player resolving the action is in hero form, the villain initiates an attack against that player’s identity.
  • If the identity of the player resolving the action is in alter-ego form, the villain initiates a schemes.
  • Each time the villain activates, give the villain one boost card from the encounter deck for the activation.
  • After the villain has finished their activation against the player, each minion engaged with a player activates against that player. If the identity is in hero form – the minions attack the player’s identity. If the identity is in alter-ego form – the minions scheme.
  • If the activated minion has the villainous keyword, give that minion a boost card for that activation.
  • Some card abilities can also cause enemies to attack or scheme. These are also considered activations.
  • If multiple enemies activate against you simultaneously, resolve the villain’s activation first (if any) in the order of your choice, followed by minion activations in the order of your choice.
  • If an activating minion leaves play, that minion’s activation ends immediately and no further steps of that activation resolves.

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