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Should You Buy Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest?

Libertalia, Winds of Galecrest - Should You Buy

Libertalia, Winds of Galecrest is a updated and republished version of an extremely well-loved game with a similar name from back in 2012, Libertalia. It is a pirate themed game, where you compete against each other to fill up your treasure chest with doubloons. It is a highly strategic, directly competitive board game that has a solid single player option.

How easy is it to learn and play Libertalia?

Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest comes with a small quick to learn and explain rule book. The game itself has a very simple and elegant design, that makes it very easy to explain and understand to new players. The setup is very quick and you can have it done under 10 minutes. The box comes with dividers, that are very smartly organised, so it helps a lot with both setting up and packing it back.

The game time is just like it says on the box – between 45 and 60 minutes.

When it comes to gameplay design, it is very simple and elegant. Each player players one card and once everyone is done they resolve based on their rank. The strategy and “mind-games” comes from the fact that you each have the cards, and you will draw the same cards every turn. It’s a bit like poker but with pirates and treasures.

Turns are quick to setup and resolve, so the games length is mostly based on how long the players take to make decisions. A game with six players doesn’t take that much longer than a two-player game.

Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest

Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest has a lot of replayability, that also includes a hard mode, for when the games get too easy.

When it comes to space, it is very reasonable size, and you can fit it on a nice 4-person kitchen table. People don’t need to constantly look or interact the board, so it is good for coffee tables too.

Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest solo mode was created by Automa Factory, and it doesn’t disappoint. We’re a big fan of Automa Factory, as they often make solo modes that are more fun than the multiplayer version! It’s easy to get into and it takes as long to play as with players. Since the automa is random, it is hard to predict, but once the cards are played it does feel like it makes very smart choices when it comes to picking up loot. You can learn a lot about the value of cards and booty, by learning from the automa design.

How much does Libertalia cost? Is it worth it the price?

Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest costs around $60 (Zatu* has it for less) which is a standard price for a board game. It has a lot of replayability and it is quick to setup and play. It’s perfect when friends come over for board game night, and a good option for the board game café library. The price is very reasonable, and we definitely think it’s worth the price.

What games are similar to Libertalia? Who might enjoy it?

  • If you like outwitting other players Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest is similar to Citadels* and maybe even Coup*.
  • For a pirate-themed competitive card game similar to Libertalia we recommend you try out Port Royal*.
  • People who like Libertalia also seem to enjoy 7 Wonders* as they both are very good strategy games. Try 7 Wonders Duel* for two-players!
  • The solo mode is excellent, and if you are a solo player who enjoys those mechanics, you will probably enjoy Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest.


1 - 6 players

Setup Time

5-10 minutes

Play Time

60-100 minutes


14 +


Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest is a directly-competitive pirate-themed game of bluffing, outwitting, and plundering. While the extreme focus on skill over luck will be appealing to adults playing with other adults of similar skill, it's not the most family-friendly game without a lot of practice. We love this game, from its quick and elegant multiplayer gameplay, to its excellent automata solo-mode, and it's a great addition to any competitive game-lover's library.


  • Quick setup
  • More skill then luck
  • Solo Mode


  • Not kid-friendly
  • Works better with 3+ players
Game Setup
Gameplay and Enjoyment
Product Quality and Rules
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