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Our Favourite Wolverine Decks – Marvel Champions

Wolverine is one of our favourite Marvel Champions heroes to date, and in this article I’m going to indulge my deckbuilding addiction and give you some of our favourite Wolverine decks for a variety of different aspects, packs and pairings. Let’s get stuck in!

Core Wolverine

This deck is one for Wolverine stans who don’t care about anyone else. The deck is made entirely from cards available in the Core Set* and Wolverine’s Hero Pack*, so it’s great for anyone just starting out with the game.

The goal of the deck is simply to keep threat down while swinging in at the villain for massive damage with Wolverine’s attack events! Justice is a bit of an unusual choice for Wolverine, but Surveillance Teams, For Justice!, and The Power of Justice are all fantastic threat-control cards that are all available in the core set, and they let him keep the threat under control while still doing what he does best – tons of damage.

The X-Men Fan Deck

This deck is one for fans of the X-Men who don’t want to pick up a bunch of different hero packs and non-X-Men boxes just to make decks for their favourite X-Men. The deck consists purely of cards from the following packs and boxes:

The goal of the deck is simply to survive while dishing out tons of damage. This is actually a powered-down, budget version of my own personal Wolverine deck, which we’ll talk about next, so if you want the real deal check that one out!

Matt’s Protection Wolverine Deck

This Protection deck for Wolverine is my personal favourite deck… perhaps in the entire game. It’s based loosely on a deck I used to play extensively for Ant-Man, but with many changes made for Logan to shine.

This deck requires the following packs and cards in addition to the Wolverine hero pack itself and the Marvel Champions Core Set:

This deck revolves around two main things – taking hits, and giving back as good as you got. Your objective playing it should be to mulligan hard for Adamantium Skeleton to get the extra health online as early as possible. This allows you to spend your health more freely without as much risk of death, as well as activating Fighting Fit and Dauntless. You can find a full writeup of this deck over on the decklist on MarvelCDB.

Aggression Wolverine

Aggression and Wolverine go together like a claw and the villain’s face. If I’m honest, I prefer Protection Wolverine to Aggression by quite a large margin, but Wolverine can be extremely fun for just tearing into the enemy. In addition to the obvious Wolverine and Core Set boxes, this deck requires:

The goal of the deck is to keep minions under control and go for the face. You’ll probably notice from the list above that there are a bunch of cards that are only really valuable if you run and use Looking for Trouble. Looking for Trouble is an extremely dangerous card that requires you to know whether there’s a minion you want to hit somewhere near the top of the encounter deck to be worthwhile, as unnecessarily accelerating the encounter deck is a risky business. That being said, being able to guarantee a minion makes your other cards that much more useful, and it allows you to draw extra cards with Berserker Frenzy if it lives to attack you.

If you’d rather not play Looking for Trouble, as it’s very much a Marmite card, I’ve also built a quick (and, I’d note, relatively untested), much safer version of this deck. Notionally, this deck should work, but if not taking risks, I’d honestly recommend just playing the protection deck instead!

Overall, this is probably one of the trickiest decks to play well that I’ve built in a long time – Honed Technique relies on you spending specific resources to get value, and Fluid Motion means that the sequence of your attacks really matters. But once you pull it off, the sheer damage numbers that can come out of this deck are actually insane, and it’s not impossible to start hitting for 20+ damage in a round once your upgrades are online. Ouch!

Hopefully this’ll help you to find your new favourite deck for Wolverine. He’s easily one of my personal favourite heroes to play, and there’s something very fun about just trading huge hits with the villain. I’ve been looking forward to Wolverine coming out since the game’s release, as I’ve always loved the character (even if he never uses his claws properly in the 90’s cartoon), and he definitely hasn’t disappointed me in his LCG incarnation.

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Enjoy tearing up your villains! Except not literally. Please don’t damage your cards.

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