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Mojo Mania Scenario Pack

We have compiled a list of questions and rule clarifications, that may occur when playing with Mojo Mania Scenario Pack. We hope this will be useful when you try to play the game.

Q. If a character’s attack places enough damage on Stringer Tail to discard it, does that character take retaliate damage from Singer Tail?

A. No, Stinger Tail is discarded before its retaliate triggers.

Q. If both Stinger Tail and Undercover Mojo are in play, which card’s “Forced Interrupt” triggers?

A. Because both cards (Stinger Tail and Undercover Mojo) have the same trigger, the first player choose which one to resolve.

Q. Does the show environment cards surge when revealed from Spiral‘s show deck or Mojo’s Wheel of Genres?

A. No. In both of these cases, the card was not “revealed from the encounter deck”, so it doesn’t surge.

Q. Does the “Force Interrupt” on Wild Wild Mojo increase consequential damage?

A. Yes. Wild Wild Mojo will increase the damage by one, if an ally takes at least one consequential damage from attacking or thwarting.

Q. How is overkill damage affected by the “Force Interrupt” on Wild Wild Mojo?

A. Wild Wild Mojo first increases the initial damage dealt to a minion (or ally) by one, and then the excess damage is applied to the villain (or identity), Wild Wild Mojo increases it by another one. That means that the total overkill damage dealt is increased by two, because they are considered two different instances of damage.


Longshot is a one-card module set. It is beneficial to the players and he makes any scenario he is included in a little easier to win.

Q. Does Longshot counts towards the scenario module sets number?

A. If a scenario requires a specific number of module sets (e.g. Spiral), Longshot doesn’t count as one of those sets.

Q. What happens if Longshot is turned as a boost card?

A. When Longshot is turned faceup as a boost card, it is treated as a boost card with no boost icons.

Q. Can I play Longshot from my hand?

A. Longshot doesn’t have a cost, so he can’t be played from your hand. He can be used as a wild resource.

Q. What happens when Longshot is defeated?

A. Longshot is an encounter card, so he goes in the encounter deck discard if he is defeated or discarded.

Q. Can I Make the Call for Longshot from discard?

A. You can’t use Make the Call for Longshot because he goes in the encounter discard and not the player’s.

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