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Gambit Hero Pack Rule Clarifications

Gambit throws a lot of cards around, so we’ve compiled a list of questions and answers to the rules regarding Gambit and his hero pack cards. First, here are some keyword shortcuts that you might need when playing Gambit:

Gambit Hero - Marvel Champions

Q. Can I play Royal Flush for 0 damage?

A. Yes. You can play Royal Flush for 3 instances of 0 damage. However, if the enemy (or enemies) have retaliate, you will still take damage for each enemy with retaliate that you attack.

Q. How does retaliate work with Royal Flush?

A. Royal Flush is considered a single attack, so you will take only single instance of retaliate damage, even if you do 0 damage. If you attack different enemies with retaliate, you will take one instance of retaliate damage from each one of the attacked enemies.

Q. Can I spend the counter I get from Royal Flush to boost Royal Flush damage?

A. No. Because of timing, you can’t spend the counter you get from Royal Flush on the same event. When you play Royal Flush, before doing anything that the card says, you can interrupt it with the Throw de Card ability to spend up to three counters. Once you spend the desired number of counters from Throw de Card ability you can continue resolving Royal Flush.

Royal Flush - Gambit - Marvel Champions
Gambit: Royal Flush Timing Chart

Q. When I play Natural Agility do I count the counter that Natural Agility adds?

A. Yes. The requirement to play Natural Agility is to both defend and place a charged counter on Gambit. After that you count the counter and increase your defence.

Q. If I remove 3 counter when playing Charged Card, do I get all the options?

A. Yes. If you spend 3 counters Charged Card gains ranged, piercing and overkill along with the extra 3 damage from Throw de Card.

Q. Can I play my Rogue ally if there is a Rogue player?

A. No. Because of the unique rule, you can’t play your Rogue ally if there is a player that plays Rogue identify. If that player is defeated, you can play your Rogue ally.

Q. Do I draw a card from The Thieves Guild with main schemes and permanent schemes?

A. Yes. Unlike Skilled Investigator, if you remove the last threat counter from a scheme with The Thieves Guild you can draw a card, even if that scheme is not defeated (e.g. Consume the World).

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