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Domino (Neena Thurman)

If you want to play Domino is important to know how discard works, when to shuffle and what the action execution sequence is. She is super fun to play, but can be harder for new players. Here are some rules and rulings to help you master Domino.

Q. Do you resolve “when revealed” effect of Topaz after “Shadow of the Past”?

A. Yes. Shadow of the Past says “reveal and put into play”, so Topaz’s “when revealed” effect will resolve.

Q. What does it mean to “count each wild icon twice” Domino’s ability?

A. When you use an ability that counts resource icons on cards discarded from your deck (e.g. A Good Workout), each wild icon on discarded card this way is treated as two wild icons.

E.g. If you use Right Place, Right Time and you discard, let’s say, A Good Workout, you remove 6 threat – 4 from the event and 2 extra for 2 wild icons.

– Ref. NeXt Evolution rulebook, p.21

Q. What happens if I discard a wild resource when playing Luck Be a Lady?

A. When you play Luck Be a Lady and you discard a wild resource, you count the resource twice (Domino’s constant ability) and you pick two options.

– Ref. NeXt Evolution rulebook, p.21

Q. Is Luck Be a Lady considered an attack/thwart?

A. No. Regardless what choice you make (deal damage or remove threat), it is not considered and attack or a thwart.

Q. If I discard Pouch and count the wild icons with Domino’s ability is the result 2 or 4?

A. Because the ability says “count each wild icon twice”, means if you discard Pouch the result will be 4. (Yes, that is 4 choices with Luck Be a Lady).

The Painted Lady rule clarification

  • You can look at the cards under The Painted Lady
  • You can’t exchange cards from under The Painted Lady
  • Cards under The Painted Lady are not counted towards your hand size.
  • Cards under The Painted Lady are not considered in your hand.
  • Cards under The Painted Lady cannot be used as resources.
  • If you have 3 cards under The Painted Lady you can’t place/replace a new card.
  • If you discard a card with a “Response: After you discard this card from the top of your deck”, you can choose which response to execute. You can’t execute both. E.g. White Fox, Digging Deep, Jackpot
  • If you discard a card with a “Force Response: After you discard this card from the top of your deck”, the Force Response takes priority.

Q. What happens when Jackpot is discarded from the top of Domino’s deck if it was the last card in her deck?

A. Player decks reset as soon as they are empty, so Domino’s deck is reset with Jackpot shuffled into it.

  1. Discard Jackpot.
  2. See deck is empty.
  3. Shuffle your discard to create a new deck.
  4. Draw an encounter card.

Following this rule the same applies to White Fox and Digging Deep – if they are the last card, before you can trigger the Response you have to shuffle them in the deck.

– Ref. NeXt Evolution rule, p.21

Q. Can the ability on Diamondback be used if she has only one hit point remaining?

A. Yes, Diamondback’s ability finishes resolving even though the damage from it causes her to be defeated.

– Ref. NeXt Evolution rule, p.21

Q. What if something causes me to discard multiple times and I discard Jackpot?

A. If you are discard Jackpot and it’s not the last card you have to discard, you have to finish discarding before you can trigger Jackpot’s ability, because it’s a Response instead of Interrupt. For example, Caliban makes you discard until you discard an X-Men, X-Force, or X-Factor ally. Let’s say you discard Jackpot before you meet this requirement. You have to wait until you finish Caliban’s ability, before you can trigger Jackpot’s response.

– Ref. Response & Interrupt

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