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Extra Accessories for Marvel Champions

Marvel Champions - Extra Accessories

It’s no secret that we love Marvel Champions, and we buy pretty much everything that comes out for it. But there’s some extra stuff we buy beyond official products that makes life so much easier when we’re playing. In this article, we’re going to talk all about a few extra little accessories that don’t fit into our other articles about extra gear you might want to consider buying. First though – an important disclaimer.

All the links to products in this article (and our others, technically) are affiliate links with Zatu Games* (by the way, that was an affiliate link too). If you buy anything on their site using our links, we get a small pay-out from them. That being said, we stand by all the recommendations in this article, and we’ll probably end up spending that money… on ordering stuff from Zatu… Using our affiliate links is a way you can support our site and help us pay for hosting if we don’t spend it on games first, but we always recommend visiting your local game store over online retailers where possible. Zatu are UK-based, but have very good shipping rates to the US and other countries, and at least they’re a ton better than say… Amazon.

Handy Accessories for Marvel Champions

This article’s going to be a bit shorter than the others in this series, as we’ve already covered Card Sleeves, Storage Solutions, and Playmats, but there’s still some extra little things that we use that we’d wholeheartedly recommend trying to see if they work for you too.


As D&D players, we have no shortage of dice, and honestly, using dice can just be easier than cardboard tokens, as well as being more portable. This isn’t for everyone – Ina actually prefers the tokens, but I’m writing this one, so you get my recommendation of picking up some clicky clacky maths rocks. I’ll be honest, that box in the right is just one part of my dice collection, and I just wanted an excuse to show it off. I have a problem.

A simply polyset or other set of dice will let you track anything that needs a number. If you want to match the colours of tokens from the base set, you could get a large set of yellow or orange dice for threat*, a set of red dice for damage tokens*, and a set of green dice for general tokens*.

You don’t have to break the bank on these, as you’re using them as simple counters. You can also pick up spindown dice*, which are used regularly in TCGs to track higher numbers, as the numbers appear on the die sequentially. This is super useful for tracking threat specifically, as that number increases and decreases regularly.

Marvel Champions Accessories - Dice

Token Boxes

For those that prefer tokens to dice, you need something to carry and hold them in one place on the table. Plastic bags only last so long, and for those of us with big clumsy hands, a token box or tray is a big step up.

The Geekbox range are absolutely perfect for this, we’ve been extremely happy with them. They come in three sizes:

  • Regular* – Their standard offering, small, stackable token boxes
  • Slim* – This is what we have the most of, and we honestly prefer this size, Marvel Champions doesn’t have that many tokens, and it makes them easier to store and transport
  • Double* – This is great for holding dice if you don’t want to splash out on a dice bag or box.

What’s extra convenient is that you get enough to store everything you need for Marvel Champions in a single pack of Geekbox Slims! You get 4 boxes, so that’s threat, damage, generic green tokens, and acceleration tokens, with a little extra space for your conditions if you want to store those together.

Marvel Champions Accessories - Token Boxes

Marvel Champions Etsy Creations

As another heads-up, this is where affiliate links will switch to Etsy UK, and full disclosure – we’ve not actually bought these yet, unlike most of our other recommendations, but we intend to at some point in the future if they’re still available, because they’re really cool. This does mean, however, that shipping to places outside of the UK may be a bit pricy, so check before you order!

Ready/Exhausted Tokens

For condensed play spaces, having tokens to track ready status is much easier than rotating cards all the time, particularly when those cards have counters or dice on them. That’s where these slick Ready/Exhausted Tokens from the seller “BuyTheSameToken” come in, because they let you easily track the status of all your cards with simple, awesome looking flippable tokens.

5 double-sided tokens from Etsy, on one side reading "Ready!" and on the other "Exhausted"

Deck Trays

Deck trays really help if you’re prone to knocking decks over, and give your play space a little added class. These simple 3D-printed trays from the creator “COLE3D” work perfectly for holding all your decks, and get cheaper the more you buy, which is great because let’s be honest – Marvel Champions can have a bunch of decks in play.

3 simple deck holders from Etsy, in Red, Black and Orange

Villain Dashboard

Villain dashboards, special deck trays specifically for the villain area, are a popular solution, and I’m a fan of this simple setup created by “NeedfulThingsByAnn“. It holds your villain, main scheme, and encounter deck in one handy place, so that it doesn’t get mixed up with anything else. More complex villains like Spiral or the Brotherhood are going to spill out, but for a good 80% of villains in the game, this is all you’ll need.

An Etsy 3D-printed card holder with space for a Marvel Champions villain, encounter deck, and main scheme

Status Tokens

Let’s be honest, status cards were never the best solution for tracking Stunned, Tough, or Confused. They’re clunky and I have a personal dislike for anything that uses cards for temporary markers – if you don’t shuffle it and it doesn’t contain a ton of necessary text, then what’s the point? That’s where these awesome looking status tokens from “LevelUpTokens” come in. Just look at them, aren’t they neat?

Three small tokens labelled "Tough", "Stunned" and "Confused"

Wrapping Up

Honestly, there’s a wealth of custom Marvel Champions stuff over on Etsy that is absolutely worth going through! We’ve just picked some that immediately leapt out to us as being useful, and there are some really cool options out there, from super fancy boxes to dividers, temporary stat increase tokens (fantastic for Spider-Woman!), campaign logbooks, and even custom game mats designed specifically for playing the game!

If you’re looking to print up your own campaign log sheets, however, why not check out our own pay-what-you-want printable resources over on Ko-Fi?

The best solutions are those where you identify the problem first rather than just buying random stuff, so have a think about what you find awkward or inconvenient, and someone’s probably got something to help you out. Most of the stuff on there comes from fellow players who have the skills to go “this sucks, let’s make something that fixes that”.

From custom playmats to tokens, card holders, dice, and all manner of other awesome accessories, there are tons of ways to level up your Marvel Champions playing experience, and hopefully this has given you some ideas.

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