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The Best Accessories for Marvel Champions

We’ve spent quite some time putting together some guides to the best accessories for enhancing your Marvel Champions experience, and it turned out that they can get pretty long! There’s a ton of awesome stuff out there, and so this article’s just here to help you navigate your way to all the different bits, as there’s far too much stuff to fit it all into one place!

Sorted box of marvel champions cards with dividers

This one’s probably the biggest one of our accessory guides, because it’s a huge topic that very much depends on your needs. We cover a range of topics here, from storing your wider collection, to easily transportable deck boxes and carrying cases for taking your game wherever you want to go. As an extra special treat, you even get a look at how we currently store our own collection on a budget.

Ant-man sleeves

Next up, we have sleeves, which are probably one of the most important accessories you can buy. We’ve taken a look at some cheap and more expensive solutions for sleeving your cards, and even did some research into just how many packs of sleeves you’re going to need for sleeving the entire game, which is no small endeavour.

Black Panther playmat

Playmats are great for those of us with clumsy hands, as they make cards easier to pick up and handle. They also just look fancy. In this guide, we take a look at some awesome character-themed playmats, as well as sharing some cheap and simple examples of what playmats are on offer out in the wild.

Three boxes with tokens and colourful dice

Lastly, we went and tracked down some general accessories that didn’t fit into any of our other guides, particularly some awesome stuff over on Etsy from small creators that we love. Token boxes, dice, counters and containers, the community’s been creating some awesome products!

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